Alexandra Gavilano

With love, empowerment and courage to change the world.

World Ethic Forum August 2022:
Envisioning the new world and taking first steps today

Flames are growing,

the fire is burning,

smoke is in the air,

I can feel it now and here!

Water is evaporating into the thin air,

salty waterbodies crawl their way up the dried-up rivers humans and animals used to share, turning once living soil,

into hell just because our addiction to oil.

Screams of human and non-human animals in my ear,

crying for their loved ones, for the rainforest and the corals that disappear.

In ceremony for Pachamama, Mama Earth, I started to say to threatened species my goodbyes,

with my heart burning in acceptance and tears running in my eyes.

For those, who we can’t save anymore,

because the time for full mitigation, we already  have missed long before.

But despair is not who I am and why I am here,

My life was never led by fear.

I feel an emergence of a new way and a new kind,

A new path of interbeing that we humans are about to find.

With eyes wide open young and old are starting to see,

the entire sick system where the core of the focus for change must be.

Most humans are disconnected and do not see,

That we are one with all beings, one with the dolphin and the tree.

But no need to search far for reminding us from the truth we all know in our core,

It is time to listen to the indigenous people, the elders and the wise much more.

The stories, the context and the language may vary,

But we are invited to seek for our new truth in those and we mustn’t be shy!

Sumaq Kawsay, also known as the theoretical concept of the “Buen Vivir”,,

is one seed of knowledge I learned from my ancestors and is for me lacking so much in this current world right now right here.

Sumaq Kawsay describes a good and fullfilled life,

As bees do in a healthy surrounding with enough food, water and wellbeing for the entire hive.

It is the seed of wisdom of the knowledge of a world,

where all beings’ live well together, and which can NOT be reached if other members of the community or nature are hurt!

It understands this shared life in space and time as interconnectedness,

Meaning that we can all feel other humans’ and species’ happiness and aliveness,  

as well as their pain and sadness!

So Sumaq Kawsay taught me,

That I’m born to set myself free,

Free of everything what limits my connectedness to my path under the sun,

To the feeling of aliveness when I sense the power of the fact that we are all one.

I invite you to just take with me a deep breath,  

Feel the oceans turning acid, The plankton decaying,  And the whales starving to death.

Feel the fires burning in your lungs,

Feel the prayers in the temple of the monks.

Feel the human and non human animals surrounding you,

Feel how nature tells us,

Time for a courageous change is long due!

Feel , the courage of the young and old,

The new way of being, feeling and thinking rising in our hearts and no way that we let our heart being sold.

The new era has begun,

Where we weave the new webs for change under the sun.,

Where we start to adapt, to what has been changed already,

Motivating new resilient networks for everyone to regenerate from the new reality that weighs so heavy,

Where new tactics to call out injustice can emerge,

That are being supported by more and more people that are also on the search.

You might ask, what can I already do today?

This is the thing I can say!

It is time to reconnect with yourself,

Dust off the comfort zone and take courage from the shelf.

Building bridges between your inner and outer being,

Be radically alive and integrate all the things you are actually seeing and feeling.

And once we touch the core of our individual new transformed being,

We can start to see the need for community and stop fleeing.

Especially people in countries like Switzerland,

Are not used to that a stranger can be your friend!

We can learn to open our heart again to fearless trust,

To overcome the challenges of the nearby reality: this will be the must.

So, we must start to create safe spaces for humans to experience,

That love can conquer more than hate and fear and thus also increase their own resilience.

And then we come to one of the big questions, I sit with since a while,

Who are we as species, how do the next steps of us humans look like in the next mile?

A new enlightenment of who we are as one among many must come,

A redirecting our understanding of our values and being under this sun.

Kopernikus looked up to the stars and understood what is beyond our atmosphere,

And we in this time that we are have to look back to ourselves and ask us why and what do we want to do here?

We move from the focus on the Economy,

To the core disconnect we had in the past and allow us now to ask; what is correct ethically?

We are not the same players that go to Davos,

We are the one that do feel the loss.

We are here to discuss with you all,

To create the new world, and you might already feel the call.

So, let’s start now and today, let’s redefine our aim and stop doing all the time the same.

Enough of just talking, one way to do it is using your body for blocking.

But we need to go beyond what has ever been seen,

I’m sure you have had crazy bold ideas which to hear I’m keen!

One radical idea I want to share with you,

it has been born in the injustice of the current system which is long time overdue.

The World Bank, the International Monetary Fund and other international lenders are abusing their power,

They strangle indebted nations by high-interest repayments on conditionals loans high up from their golden tower.

The unpayable debt forces the indebted nations to the mercy of multinational predators,

Who push extraction for export and in the past have helped to put into power some horrible dictators.

Post-colonial structures are unveiled when looking who is hit hardest by climate crisis impacts today,

For those nations there is no time for any further delay!

Water scarcity, food insecurity, extreme natural disasters and migration because there is nothing left to put in their mouth,

This is a reality for thousands of people in the global South.

While the north keeps grabbing on to the slaughter of millions of animals just because,

They will never realize the destruction of nature and home of people because it is not their loss.

The failure of the delivering of the 100 Billion US Dollars by rich and polluting countries is no surprise,

Since 2009 this has been promised as climate finance and once again the failure and breaking of promises of the rich countries towards the poorest countries is no surprise.

So, if we stand in solidarity with our fellow human and non-human brothers and sisters,

We can go this path for change and I’m sure if you help spread the word you will find listeners.

If we cancel the debt of impoverished nations and we phase out the destruction-based economies in the rich countries,

We can start to stand in a true global solidarity and invest in a just transition based on clean energies.

We must talk about a Climate Debt of the rich human society,

Which until today is just a mainly white minority.

A debt much greater than any financial debt could be,

The power to take this opportunity is much greater than you and me.

If the G7 are genuinely serious about leaving fossil fuels in the ground,

 they must address the root forces driving continued extraction, making legislations and releasing past debts which for this current crisis are not anymore sound.

Central banks and regulators of the major economies should limit the ability of private creditors to hold debt in the global South,

such as commercial banks and large investment firms like Blackrock or Goldman Sachs, that keep shoveling money into their capitalistic mouth.

Debt for Climate demands that the richest countries of the Global North begin to pay their climate debt.

This encompasses the demands for reparations, loss and damage, and climate finance, which must not come in the form of loans but as interest-free payments, there will be no more debt!

Unconditional cancellation of all illegitimate global South debt,

is part of repairing hundreds of years of injustices this is what we fight for until all demands are met

We stand in solidarity with each other from South to North, from West to East.

The time of the big ecocide driving systems is coming to an end. The new era is about to become, and we are all invited to the love driven feast.

In sharing radical truthfulness and courageous vulnerability,

we presence the emerging of the new World with sincere humility.

We are the soil,

We are the water,

We are the air,

We are the fire burning in our earths’ core and radical aliveness is ours to share.