Alexandra Gavilano

With love, empowerment and courage to change the world.

Welcome to my world and my path of shaping the new world. This website gives you a brief overview of my current and past activities and thoughts I share while walking my path on this beautiful home planet we live on. I am I, and I act where I do believe my skills and my being can support the urgent needed change.


Sensing and creating the new world

(Photo Mayk Wendt)

Firekeeper at the World Ethic Forum – ongoing

Wisdom speaker at the Earth Wisdom Dialogue – Reorienting Humanity

Speaker and dreamer at the Soul Shivers journey with „The Stoa“

Speaker at the Kaleido Retreat on „Reimagining Futures“

Act for change

Act for change

Debt for Climate International – ongoing

Extinction Rebellion Global Support

CliMates – Researcher and youth negotiator at the climate conferences, especially COP21 2015 in Paris. Representative of youth researcher at the „Creating our Common Future Conference Paris

Global Issues Network – Youth leader and participant in 2014 in Abu Dhabi international conference at NYU

Earth protection

Environmental Scientist at the University of Bern with foci on sustainable land and water management and solidarity economy based agriculture

Project manager World Overview of Conservation Approaches and Technologies (WOCAT)

Academy Industry Training in Brazil as part of the private project with the pyrolytic machine to produce biochar for agricultural application.


Act for change

Act for change

Lead campaigner with Greenpeace Switzerland for sustainable food systems in Switzerland – ongoing

Co-Founder and strategic support for Music Declares Emergency Switzerland – ongoing

Debt for Climate Switzerland – ongoing

Activist with the Feminist strike, Anti-racist and refugees support movement, Clown-Activism – ongoing

Board member of the Association for Climate Protection Switzerland (Glacier-Initative) – ongoing

Co-Founder of the divestment movement

Societal transformation

Catalyst and practicioner for social transformation with Collaboratio Helvetica – ongoing

Deliberative democracy!

Rethink democracy!

Founder and strategist for Citizen Assemblies in the platform with Citizens‘ Democracy – ongoing

Project head in the Nova Helvetia journey for Democracy

Earth protection

Earth protection

Eco-Transition La Broye – ongoing

Board member, pedagogic for adults, permaculture and agroforestry work in the community garden of Ecotopia – ongoing

Co-Founder of permaculture and sustainability education for young and old at the RootsCamp (new integrated in Ecotopia) – ongoing

Co-Founder and project manager of the Pyrolysis GmbH (biochar production and application for CO2 storage)

Co-Founder of the environmental education platform Umweltplattform UP (new GreenUP)

Environmental permaculture consultant Sitio Geranium, Brazil

Knowledge sharing

Trainer: Non-Violent Direct Actions, Regenerative Culture, Facilitation and Dialoguing, Strategy development and team building, Self-organizing systems and Sociocracy – ongoing

And what else?

Some images to share